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Independent Funeral Officiant & Celebrant

Serving London & the South East
Nicole Whitehead

Code of Ethics and Code of Practice

Code of Ethics

As an Independent Funeral Celebrant I recognize the responsibility entrusted to me in my relationships with:
  1. The bereaved I serve
  2. The public at large
  3. The profession of which I am a part
Specifically I will:
  1. Maintain all matters in the highest standard of professional and personal conduct
  2. Respect in all circumstances the confidentiality of the family
  3. Preserve the right of personal choice and decision making for the bereaved families, and respect the cultural and spiritual beliefs of the deceased person
  4. Provide accurate information concerning the services I offer, the prices of these services, and functions and responsibilities accepted on behalf of clients

Code of Practice

I acknowledge that as a Funeral Celebrant being contracted by a Funeral Director I am committed to carry out my duties within the Code of Ethics and Code of Practice set down by them.

I will encourage the family to personalise the funeral service, for example by way of music, poetry, photographs or any other way they desire.

After the funeral service I will not try to give the family any form of bereavement counselling, nor shall I make regular contact unless specifically requested to do so by the Funeral Director or the family.

No advancement of a personal or sexual nature should ever be made, or responded to, as the security of the family and their vulnerability at a time of bereavement is to be protected at all times.
Contact Nicole Whitehead by telephone on 07824 448 005 or email:
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