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Nicole Whitehead

Bespoke, dignified and beautiful ceremonies

I am passionate about ensuring people realise they have a choice when it comes to a funeral service. With an increasing number of people not conforming to any particular religious doctrine, many still find comfort in a level of spirituality, dignity and the belief that there may be 'something' after death. With our society becoming more and more diverse, a civil funeral allows you to draw upon strands from numerous belief systems. However, if you prefer, the service can be completely atheist.

The funeral service of your loved one is driven by the wishes, philosophies and beliefs held by them and by you. It can contain religious elements if you wish, your choice of music, readings, poetry and prose, along with any other touches to personalise the ceremony.

I work closely with every family to craft a unique and personal funeral service, with the focus firmly on the person who has died. As a life-centred ceremony, it can be a positive and inspiring occasion, rather than solemn and gloomy, offering comfort and strength to those left behind.

I will meet with the family and friends of the person who has passed away, to discuss the wishes for the service and to gain a good insight into their personality and character. This is a good opportunity to decide on the details of the ceremony, personal touches and music choices. I encourage any level of participation of family and friends in the service, whether just making suggestions or deciding to write and read out a tribute. I am there to guide you through this difficult time and to help you pay homage to the person you have lost, in the best possible way.

In order to focus on what makes a person extraordinary and unique, I write each service individually, from start to finish. I will check the facts with the family prior to the funeral to ensure that everything is correct. After the ceremony I provide a keepsake copy of the service for the family.

Some ideas for personalising a funeral service:
  • Placing flowers on the coffin
  • The symbolic lighting of candles
  • A framed photograph of the deceased
  • Releasing doves or helium balloons
  • Items special to the deceased, or sporting memorabilia, placed on the coffin
  • Acknowledgement of service in the Armed Forces

Future planning

I understand that it can be difficult and upsetting to discuss your wishes for your own funeral with your loved ones. Young or old, in perfect health or terminally ill, it can be reassuring to talk about what you would like for your own ceremony. It is your funeral, so have it your way. I can meet with you to discuss your thoughts and ideas and create the funeral that you truly would like.

Please contact me to discuss any of your wishes or ideas for a funeral service.
Contact Nicole Whitehead by telephone on 07824 448 005 or email:
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